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DESCRIPTION:  Load up into your imaginary Jeep and venture into the glow in the dark 3-D Cosmic Golf jungle themed experience.  Explore this 9 hole course and encounter lions, turtles and gorillas.  Rock formations and Toltec statues adorn the pathways along with vines and lush foliage.  This course is perfect for families and children of all ages.    




Experience the peaceful sound of running water from one of the seven waterfalls along the 18 hole outdoor course.  Large rock formations and bridges also adorn the course making it an unforgettable experience for families of all ages! Outdoor golf stops one hour prior to closing.

INDOOR PRICING:      Ages 3-10      $6.50 per person

                                       Ages 11+      $8.50 per person


OUTDOOR PRICING:  Ages 3-10      $7.50 per person

                                       Ages 11+      $10.50 per person

**For group pricing, please email us at


No running on the indoor course. 
No climbing on rocks attractions on the outdoor course.

**Outdoor Golf play start is stopped one hour prior to closing!

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