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DESCRIPTION:  The Lazer Tag arena landscape is filled with hanging vines, lush tropical foliage, and crumbling stone ruins from the secret civilization. Brush back the overgrowth to reveal massive Toltec statues along the passageways and hand-carved stone medallions perched along the perimeter walls. Around the edges of the ruins, more wild growth can be seen from the light of the giant torch tower that sits in the middle of this hidden treasure of the jungle.

Amidst a maze of crumbling stone walls with inscribed writings and painted images, be prepared to unveil the secrets from the past. What happened here? Where is the hidden treasure? Locate the clues, find the answers, and get out before it’s too late!

PRICING:  $7.50 per person

*You must be at least 6 years old to participate in lazer tag

**For group pricing, please email us at


No running, crawling, or hiding on arena floor. 
No climbing on walls or props. 
No gum/candy in mouth during game play. 
No physical contact with other players.

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